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Brid Walsh, Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist, provides excellence in animal physiotherapy for dogs, cats and horses through a holistic and caring approach. Whether treating canine or equine athletes, or a much loved companion, all are treated with care, respect and compliance. Veterinary Physiotherapy has been recognised for the past 25 years, and is an invaluable adjunct to veterinary medicine in the treatment of large and small animals. The overall aims of physiotherapy are to maintain mobility, function, independence, and enhance performance.


Has your pet;

•  Had recent surgery

•  Developed training difficulties

•  Had an injury or accident

•  Shown signs of tenderness in the head, neck or back

•  Sensitivity to touch

•  Lost the ability to jump into the car or onto a high surface

•  Shown a change in temperament

•  Abnormal posture

•  Recently shown a loss of competition performance

•  Lost enthusiasm for playing and running

•  Muscle wastage

•  Become stiff or weak

•  Crooked sits

•  Shown signs of tenderness to touch or stroke

•  Temperament or behavioural changes

Prevention is better than cure

Routine musculoskeletal health care checks; injury prevention programs; performance enhancement programs for canine and equine athletes; maintenance programs for elderly animals; programs to address confidence, training and behavioural issues.


Treatments available

•  treatment of muscle, tendon or ligament injuries

•  rehabilitation following trauma, disease or surgery

•  rehabilitation from orthopaedic or neurological conditions

•  maintenance programs for elderly animals

•  weight reduction programs

•  owner education sessions and 1-1


Initial Assessment and Treatment 45mins. Follow up 30mins (generally). One off assessment and treatments for individual treatment program and owner education 45mins.


Contact details

MOB: 07598928509 EMAIL: or visit their website.


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