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Backyard Pets


Farm Pets

Hens are by far the most common farm pet we see and are becoming more popular as people realise the benefits of a regular supply of eggs!


By the time a chicken shows signs of illness, the disease may already be far advanced, as they have an inherent ability to hide illness, so do call us straight away if you suspect a problem.


Ducks and geese should always have company and they do like a sense of routine. Some connoisseurs prefer duck eggs to chicken eggs.  Geese are also kept for producing eggs and are very effective as guards!


Pet pigs are also becoming more popular: the Vietnamese Pot-bellied is common and the biggest challenge is to prevent obesity. Pigs do need shelter from the elements and will make a mess if not managed properly.


If you require further information on these backyard pets, or indeed any other backyard pet, please contact us on 01397 702727 or send us an email.