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Looking After Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs, also known as Cavies, make fantastic rewarding pets. They are naturally very sociable creatures and should not be kept alone, but it is important to consider the sex of the guinea pigs before deciding to keep more than one.


Two males can live together happily if they have been together since a young age.  It would be inadvisable to try to keep more than two males together as they will fight. Any number of females can be kept together safely. Male and female Guinea pigs can be kept together but this will result in babies, and adolescent male Guinea pigs are capable of mating from 6 weeks of age, even with their own mother!


Complete Guinea pig food is readily available in all good pet stores, but should be supplemented with fresh fruit, vegetables and hay. Water must always be available; a bottle is the easiest way to supply water, as the Guinea pig is less able to dirty it, than when in a bowl.


Your Guinea pig will require regular nail clips, to prevent the nails over growing and injuring the foot. Your Guinea pig shouldn’t need bathed, however, it is advisable to brush them regularly especially the longer coated varieties.


If you require further information or help please contact us on 01397 702727 or send us an email.