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Rats And Mice


Rats can make great pets and wonderful companions. They should not be kept alone, but in same sex pairs to avoid uncontrolled breeding. Rats should have plenty of room to play and climb.  The  ‘rat cages’ sold in pet shops are often too small, so letting your rats out to roam in a safe enclosed room can be beneficial from time to time. Rats are not tolerant of the cold and should be kept indoors.


Rats eat both meat and plant matter, like humans, and mixes are easily found in pet stores but should be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. Rats can and will eat almost everything people eat, scrambled egg is a good source of protein and offers a change from their usual diet. Fresh clean water should be available at all times.


Rats are very intelligent and should be given toys to play with to make their environment more stimulating.


Mice make entertaining pets and are easily obtained from many pet stores. Mice need to be kept in cages that will prevent escape.


Mice cages will begin to smell within 2-3 days and the bedding and lining material should be cleaned out and replaced within this interval. Male mice should not be kept together as they will fight, females together will be fine. Mice should not be kept solitary, as they are social creatures.


A complete dry food can be obtained from a pet store but should be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables, and although mice are always thought of as enjoying cheese, this should not be fed to them as it can cause digestive upset.


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