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Looking After Your Rabbit


Rabbits are one of Britain’s most popular pets. Did you know that vets can treat rabbits just as effectively they can other pets?


Myxomatosis is a devastating disease that is common in the wild rabbit population.  This disease can be passed on to domestic rabbits, however we are able to prevent this disease quite effectively with a vaccination.


We neuter rabbits routinely all year round but particularly in the run up to spring & summer. Neutering prevents rabbits getting nasty diseases such as ovarian and testicular cancer. It also reduces the chances of aggression and allows males and females to live together without the risk of babies!


If you have a new rabbit, please register your details here.  


You may also wish to  consider becoming a member of our

Pet Health Club. Members of our Pet Health Club receive discounts on neutering; free check-ups and a free microchip as well as other great benefits.


If you still require further information or help then please contact us on 01397 702727 or send us an email.


Dutch Rabbit