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We at Crown Vets, Fort William, strongly recommend that you insure your pet, preferably as soon as you get them. We recognise that there are many companies offering pet  insurance and many different types of policy at very different prices!


To help with the decision process we have noted a few key questions for you to ask your potential insurers.


What should you consider/ask when choosing your pet insurance provider?



       Make sure that if your pet should suffer from an ongoing illness, such as diabetes or a skin complaint, that treatment for that     illness will continue year after year.                                    


       Ensure that the benefit level on vet's fees is refreshed each year the policy is renewed.  


       Ask if there are any restrictions on how the benefit amount is used, for example, if a policy has £7,000 worth of vet fee cover each year, make sure there are no restrictions on how much can be used per condition.


       Find out if your premium will increase the following year, just because you have made a claim.


       Check that illness cover will continue into your pet's old age.


       Ensure that the policy will cover any congenital or hereditary conditions which your pet may suffer from in the future.


       If an insurer is providing a young pet/new policyholder discount, check if you will get this discount every year.


Please remember that, by law, we must supply a full clinical history to your insurance company when we put in a first claim for your pet.


Also, changing insurance companies may be a bad idea as pre-existing conditions will normally not be covered by a new insurer.  Make sure you ask before swapping.



If you want to discuss any of the points further, please call our friendly team at the surgery on 01397 702727.  



Crown Vets, Fort William is a Petplan Approved Practice.  



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